naturally & refreshing

naturally & refreshing

The perfect refreshment

JUZZZ – naturally & refreshing

JUZZZ is the perfect non-alcoholic, vegan beverage

  • JUZZZ is your refreshment for all moments. The harmonic balance between the acid of the Verjus – the juice of early harvested grapes, and the sweetness of the elderflowers give JUZZZ its freshness. Moreover, the lemon balm imparts JUZZZ its herbal note.
  • JUZZZ is more than a beverage – it’s a lifestyle. We life happiness and want you to life it too with JUZZZ, your family and friends.
  • JUZZZ should be served cold with fresh lemon balms and some ice and just like a great wine out of a wine glass in order to demonstrate its aromatic and high quality.
  • JUZZZ is like wine a seasonal beverage that’s why our naturally based drink is affected by its vintage.

JUZZZ is a must!

JUZZZ – The idea

Keeping a high-quality wine in mind we produced JUZZZ for all who search for a high quality, non-alcoholic alternative.  JUZZZ is refreshing and perfectly served as aperitive or as accompanying drink for modern, light dishes – or just as the perfect refreshing beverage.

Paul, Caroline und Alexander
Das Team

Choose JUZZZ!

JUZZZ – The Components



The non-alcoholic juice of early harvested grapes from our own winery. Verjus is used since 400 b. c. for dishes, beverages and even in the medicine. It gives JUZZZ the refreshing and harmonic acid.



They grow all around our winery and give JUZZZ its fine aromatic and fruity sweetness.


Lemon balm

It gives JUZZZ its lemon, mint herb notes.  Furthermore, it makes you feel calm.

Drink JUZZZ and drive!

The beverage of the young generation.

Alexander Türk the ambitioned junior winemaker of the well-known winery Türk from the Kremstal – Lower Austria. Currently studying at a higher school for oenology and pomology in Klosterneuburg. He also collected some international wine growing experiences in his internships.


Caroline Türk is our gastronomy expert in the team. Because of here experience in high end hotels and in the tourism school HLF Krems, she perfectly knows how a modern refreshing beverage should taste.


Paul Breuss photographer and wine enthusiast is just like Alex visiting the higher school for oenology and pomology in Klosterneuburg and got the possibility to collect some great experiences in the beverage industry through his internships.

Das Team
Alexander, Caroline und Paul