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ProducerWinery Türk
Volume0,33 l
AnalysisAlc: 0 %vol; Acid: 6 g/l; Sugar: 61 g/l
Packaging6er / 12er / 24er Versandkarton

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JUZZZ is the perfect vintage drink for all occasions. The harmonious interplay of verjus, elderflower and lemon balm gives JUZZZ freshness and the perfect herbal kick.
JUZZZ is the perfect non-alcoholic and vegan drink for your perfect moment.
JUZZZ is a way of life. We live joy and want to enjoy it every day with our drink.
Like wine, JUZZZ is a vintage drink. The vintage also influences the character of our natural and vegan drink.

Fact sheet

Serving suggestion

JUZZZ is best served cold with ice cubes and fresh lemon balm in a wine glass. This is the best way to allow the complex flavour to unfold.