Our prized vineyard sites - Erste Lage

Our greatest privilege is the site location of our vineyards. The 17 hectares of vineyards are located in the middle of one of the oldest cultural landscapes in Austria. As early as the Neolithic period, around 32,000 years ago, the town of Stratzing was highly regarded and folks settled close to the nearby Danube. The viticulture was first mentioned here in the 7th Century, which confirms the ideal climatic conditions. Many of our sites meet the strict quality criteria of the Erste Lage sites, as classified by the Association of Austrian Traditional Wineries. Wines of exceptional and outstanding quality are nurtured here every vintage with distinctive and unique characteristics. We are proud to be a Member of the Quality Association and to participate in the classification of sites.

Zoomen oder Verschieben der Karte mit zwei Fingern.

Kremser Wachtberg

Year of planting: 1996 Altitude: 260 – 400m
Orientation: Southeast Incline of slope: 8°
Grape varieties: Riesling

Our vineyards on the Wachtberg are located at an altitude of around 350m and impress with their delicate, mineral structure. The Riesling from the Wachtberg is characterized by its great cellaring potential; less of a sprinter and more like a gifted marathon runner.

Kremser Thurnerberg

Year of planting: 1985 Altitude: 310m
Orientation: Southwest Incline of slope: 1°
Grape varieties: Grüner Veltliner

Coarse gravel, dominated by quartz boulders and crystalline rocks that originate from the ancient Danube, deposited at the level of the Rosenfeld terrace with a pedestal about 105 metres above the present Danube river.

Kremser Sandgrube

Year of planting: 1965 Altitude: 246m
Orientation: South-facing Incline of slope: 5°
Grape varieties: Grüner Veltliner

This is the original Kremser Sandgrube which was first documented in the year 1214. The original “Ried“ (vineyard) is not to be confused with the larger communal site, nor the Kremser Sandgrube brand. The large Kremser Sandgrube was created in the 1950s because the wines of the original single-vineyard site were highly sought after and so scarce, that a premium was paid, often as much as 1 to 2 Schillings per bunch of grapes at the time.

Kremser Frechau

Year of planting: 1966 Altitude: 230 - 250m
Orientation: South - East Incline of slope: 4°
Grape varieties: Grüner Veltliner

The Frechau single-vineyard site lies on an east to west axis. The vineyards face southeasterly on deep layers of loess deposits, which can be up to 20 metres in depth. The first documentation of the Frechau site dates back to the year 1204 and it is situated adjacent to the original Kremser Sandgrube, albeit slightly more towards the east.