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Grüner Veltliner

ProducerWinery Türk
Grape varietyGrüner Veltliner
Volume0,75 l
AnalysisAlc: 14 %vol; Acid: 6,9 g/l; Sugar: 3,9 g/l
Packagingsingle bottle box or wooden case for 6 bottles


Great wines are modest in appearance, and so is the 2021 Veltliner 333. Endowed with typical Veltliner aromas such as grapefruit, honeydew melon, citrus zest and black pepper on both the nose and palate, it never imposes itself but offers enormous complexity. The perfectly ripe - not overripe - grapes offer fruit fullness with crystal-clear precision and buoyant lightness. A Veltliner as it should be: aristocratic and yet friendly charming.

Fact sheet

Serving suggestion

If one wants to enjoy the Veltliner 333 young, it is recommended to combine it with grilled or roasted fish or seafood. Shrimps or a lobster are perfectly accompanied by it. In order not to overpower it, the dishes should only be delicately seasoned with herbs. With a little bottle maturity, from around 2028, the toasty aromas will also allow poultry, and from 2033 even dark meat such as game or lamb. Porcini mushrooms or truffles will bring out the finesse of this wine. In any case, large glasses help to achieve the best enjoyment experience.