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Grüner Veltliner
Kremser Sandgrube

ProducerWinery Türk
Grape varietyGrüner Veltliner
Volume0,75 l
AnalysisAlc: 13,5 %vol; Acid: 2,8 g/l; Sugar: 2,1 g/l


We are talking about the original Kremser Sandgrube vineyard here, first mentioned in the year 1215. This renowned site is characterized by rich loess soils. It is not to be confused with the larger communal Kremser Sandgrube vineyard, which is considerably larger. Wonderful spicy Veltliner with very good development potential.

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Serving suggestion

Delicious partner to Asian food, mushroom-based dishes, and recipes that have a rich, creamy sauce. It also pairs well to cream cheese and white-blue cheese and a local recommendation would be Black Pudding Lasagne with cream of horseradish sauce.

Kremser Sandgrube

This is the original Kremser Sandgrube which was first documented in the year 1214. The original “Ried“ (vineyard) is not to be confused with the larger communal site, nor the Kremser Sandgrube brand. The large Kremser Sandgrube was created in the 1950s because the wines of the original single-vineyard site were highly sought after and so scarce, that a premium was paid, often as much as 1 to 2 Schillings per bunch of grapes at the time.

The Single-Vineyard

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