World premiere: our label on the bottom of the wine bottle

by Franz Türk

World premiere: our label on the bottom of the wine bottle

March 19, 2017. Written by Franz Türk. Category: News.

World premiere – label on the bottom of the wine bottle. It is an absolute novelty in the wine world, refined yet simple.

The labeling on the bottom of the bottle is common in many other branches. For example, it has been in use in perfumes for a long time, yet it is a world first in wine bottles, despite the fact that they are laying down wine cellars or wine racks. An innovation that offers a clear guide to the wine lover through a thoughtfully considered colour choice.

How did that happen?

Last year, I visited a restaurant in the Wachau after enjoying some glasses of good Grüner Veltliner in front of a wine cellar and saw only (more) bottle bottoms, that was the initial spark for my idea to place our logo onto the base of the bottle – in the form of a sun to shine out to customers.


It is more thank just a coloured wine label

We have developed a colour code system, that provides more information at first glance. The lighter the hue, the lighter the wine – a deeper colour represents a richer style of wine. The colour choice also reflects the shade of the soil or stands for the fruit characters found in the wine. Riesling radiates an apricot-coloured sun, and the Grüner Veltliner from the bedrock shows a sun in stone grey, our classified ERSTE LAGE vineyard wines shine in gold, silver and bronze. Of course, this label also continues throughout the packaging and all presentations.


At a glance

Bottom of the bottle label with a sophisticated colour code that reveals more information at a glance. As the first winery in the world, we want to make the wine selection easier for wine lovers with this innovation, we have already registered the idea,

Official premiere: ProWein 2017 in Dusseldorf Hall 17 Stand B27


– Franz Türk (March 19, 2017)