Kremser Wachtberg

by Franz Türk

Kremser Wachtberg

Year of planting: 1996 Altitude: 260 – 400m
Orientation: Southeast Incline of slope: 8°
Grape varieties: Riesling

Our vineyards on the Wachtberg are located at an altitude of around 350m and impress with their delicate, mineral structure. The Riesling from the Wachtberg is characterized by its great cellaring potential; less of a sprinter and more like a gifted marathon runner.


Sandy and pebbly gravel of the Hollabrunn-Mistelbach Formation, supplied by a precursor river of the Ancestral Danube (Ur-Donau), the component spectrum is dominated by quartz, but in addition, carbonate dikes and rocks of crystalline stones are present.

Image of the soil Kremser Wachtberg

Grape vine

The Riesling is found internationally in all wine-growing countries, and it thrives best in the northern growing countries and on stony soils. It impresses with its unique aromas of peach and apricot, which gives lively and fresh acidity. Wines with good maturity can age for many years.