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Kremser Wachtberg

ProducerWinery Türk
Grape varietyRiesling
Volume0,75 l
AnalysisAlc: 13.4 %vol; Acid: 7.1 g/l; Sugar: 4.3 g/l


Bright yellow hue, delicate peach aromas with a hint of apricot. This Riesling displays true varietal character with further development potential. Elegant play of sweetness and acidity; dry, full-bodied and long on the finish. Pairs well with an array of fish and white meat dishes.

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Serving suggestion

Pair with steamed, poached, marinated and tenderly roasted white meat, cooked in Riesling, with light vegetables, oysters and sea snails.

Kremser Wachtberg

Our vineyards on the Wachtberg are located at an altitude of around 350m and impress with their delicate, mineral structure. The Riesling from the Wachtberg is characterized by its great cellaring potential; less of a sprinter and more like a gifted marathon runner.

The Single-Vineyard

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